Dionne was amazing to work with. As first-time home-buyers, we had lots of questions. We weren't sure which way to go in most cases. We needed guidance from someone who had our best interests in mind. That was Dionne! Everything from what side of town to live on, to what features are important, to what to keep in mind for when we sell the home, she had answers for all of our concerns. She continually brought up things we didn't even know to consider. We've never felt so at ease during a transaction, let alone one of the largest transactions we will make in our lives. Talk about negotiating power - Dionne found every way she could to keep the most amount of money in our pockets. We were blown away at her diligence in seeking out incentives for us. One of our concerns was closing costs. That was one of the things that would have made us choose to delay our search for a home at that time. Until the day the phone rang, and it was Dionne opening with "are you ready for some good news?" She had negotiated the seller to pay closing costs! From there we were CERTAIN to get in our new home without concern. One of the most memorable moments in our process was our builder walkthrough. Dionne asked us to make sure she was present. She told us that she would see things we would not see and that she would hold the builder accountable in ways that we didn't know to. Boy, was she right!!! She came in with laser-sharp focus on issues, she was firm in her conversation with the builder about issues to be addressed. It was the most "no-nonsense" we had seen her during the whole process, and she let us know that it was because she was there to look out for us. We were able to exhale a bit knowing she was there making sure that things were as they should be for when we moved in. As if she had not done enough, she showed up at the walkthrough with our first housewarming gift. This said a lot about how she had come to care about us during the process. Dionne is smart, responsive, knowledgeable, relentless on behalf of her clients, she demands excellence from the seller, and she cares more than you could ever expect a realtor to care. Because of her, we are in our dream home and we could not be happier. Our process was so smooth until it was scary. Dionne made sure we had nothing to worry about other than keeping our paperwork updated. She was our silent partner, taking care of everything before we even knew what to be concerned about. We would not only recommend Dionne to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, but we can't wait to partner with her again for our next real estate transaction.
Jordyn Lorenz
Excellent very detailed and precise. I would call her for any of my future business going forward that I may have. I feel you can count on her to get all the necessary leg work done for each of her client's hands down.... In my best words, she leaves you with a sense of security, and that speaks volumes!
Cedric Martin
I would definitely recommend Dionne and The Randle Team to anyone! Dionne is a true professional and genuinely a nice person. I am so grateful to her. My first time buying had my emotions high and Dionne was there to help me every step of the way. She really knows her stuff and knew what I  liked/disliked and could tell my style without me saying a word. If I had to do it all over again Dionne would be my choice without hesitation. I absolutely love her!
Renetta Willis
Ms. Randle is the BOMB!! When I contacted her regarding finding commercial property she literally sent me a list of options in 4 hours!!! She was very knowledgeable about the area and she found THE PERFECT PROPERTY FOR US!! We have had a couple of questions after the deal and she is prompt in her response and continues to check on us. I would DEFINITELY recommend Ms. Randle and the Randle Team
Joi Hunt
We are very happy with the services we received. Priya helped our family find a lovely new home in only three days! Very professional and responsive. Great job Priya! Thank you!
Jessica Nunley
Katina was great!!! Very hands-on with us...she always kept us informed and If we had any questions she was there to answer them for us. Helped us sell our home...and purchase a new home in the area we desired. We really appreciated her!
Brian Johnson
Katina has excellent customer service and very friendly. She works hard for her clients and makes sure that they are getting the best deals on rentals and buying homes. I highly recommend Katina for any of your housing needs.
Angela Brannon
Simply the best. I have been working with her for almost 10 years now. She helped me with negotiations, buy and sell all over Houston and surroundings. Looking forward to working with her for the next 10 years.
Somir Gomes
I had one of the best experiences ever. He made the process so easy with all her knowledge and experience. Troy was easy to talk to and understood all my needs. I'm sending all my friends his way.
Quania Driver